How do I apply for free and reduced lunches? 
There is automatic eligibility (Direct Certification) for free Child Nutrition Program benefits to students who are already eligible to received Food Assistance (FA), Temporary Assistance to Families (TAF), or Foster Children. Letters will be mailed from Seaman Food Service to eligible households in July. Households receiving this Direct Certification letter do not need to fill out a paper application. Households receiving the letter for Direct Certification have the right to decline the benefits. 

After July 2, households that do not qualify for Free Meals through the Direct Certification process can use the application process to apply. The application will be available after July 1 online. The application must be filled out completely and turned into the Seaman Food Service Department to be processed. Households will be notified of eligibility. Incomplete applications cannot be approved. 

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How do I create a Schoology Parent Account? 
Click here for information on creating a Schoology Parent Account. 

Where can I find sports physical forms?
Click here to view forms.

What are academic teams? 
The teams that are associated with 7th and 8th grade are created to allow students to experience a small family setting within our building. Allowing teachers and students to create relationships by keeping the ratio of student to teacher low. There is no difference in who is assigned to families; all are created the same with the focus on relationship building.

How will teachers assess academic progress after continuous learning?
An evidence-based practice is to engage students in assessments and activities to determine the needs of individual students within classrooms, this takes place every year. Plans are created for students who need remediation or enrichment based on the results of the assessments. Spiraling classroom instruction to previous year content is a regular experience students have every year. Students are the center of every decision that we make, this will ensure all students are considered when creating lessons and activities within our classrooms.

Do students stay on the same teams from 7th to 8th grade?
7th grade and 8th grade have different teams and will be adjusted each year. 

Do students eat lunch with their teams?
Lunch is a mixture of both 7th and 8th grade teams based on the teacher they have 5th hour.

Will there be any time this summer for incoming 7th graders to see the school? Does middle school participate in Sneak Peek?
Hopefully yes. Our plan is to have an onsite visit before school starts in the fall.

Is there a PTO?

When can students sign up for clubs?
Club sign-ups will happen in the first few weeks of school. Announcements will be made in the daily announcements and posted on Schoology.

Is there a microwave for sack lunches?
Yes. There are two microwaves located in the cafeteria on the wall by the office.

Is PE required?
No. While students have the option to select essential classes based on their interests, we always empower students to become physically active within our physical education courses or by participating in sport related activities.

Can we eat lunch with our kids?
Parents/family members are always welcome within our school; however, we kindly request that you contact the office before your arrival and check-in before eating lunch.

Can 7th graders play up a grade for sports?
7th grade students will participate in 7th grade sports.

What are the drop-off procedures?
Parents may drop off their student from 7:15 am to 7:50 am by following the entrance route.

Will students interact with other students outside of their team?
Yes. Students will be able to see students from other teams during lunch and electives. During lunch they may sit with whomever they choose.

Are students allowed to request a bathroom break during class?
Yes. Students may ask to use the restroom during class. Most classes encourage students to use the restroom during passing period, but they may use it during class. Most teachers prefer to ask during a working time not during instruction, but we understand that emergencies happen.

What is Viking Time?
Viking time is a time where students can choose a class of interest from a list that we provide, as long as they score at grade level on the reading and math assessments. If they score below grade level they will be provided interventions to help them with skills that may be hindering them from scoring at grade level.

What are elective classes?
Elective classes are your traditional choices they may take throughout the day like PE, Art, Spanish, Band, Orchestra, FACS...

When do band and jazz band meet?
Stage and Jazz Band meets on Tuesday - Friday 7-7:30 am
Band Classes run during regularly scheduled classes each day

When do 7th graders receive laptops?
Each incoming 7th grader will receive a laptop issued at the beginning of the year after we go over the acceptable user agreement and provide students with some technology and expectations.

Do students have seminar or CLP?
There is an advisory at the end of the day where we teach organization, study skills, social-emotional lessons, and there is some time for students to finish homework and to go to other classes and ask for assistance.

Is there a list of extracurricular activities such as FCA or FBLA somewhere?
On the SMS website if you go to the Athletics tab and the Clubs and Activities tab you will see all of the extra curricular activities that SMS offers.

Does the physical form have to be dated after May 1?
Yes. The forms have to be dated May 1st, 2020 to qualify for the 2020-2021 school year.

Are there buses home after practices and meets? 
There are no buses home from practice. Athletes need to be picked up at the school at or shortly after practice each night. On event days the bus will transport athletes back to the school for pickup.

If a student is cut from one of the cut sports, can they move to a sport that takes everyone?
Yes, they may choose to join one of the other teams. They may start behind and might not get to compete in the first competition day because they won’t have enough practices to be eligible to compete, but they can certainly join.