Track & Field


Seaman Middle School Boys and Girls Track Coaches

7th Grade Boys- Michael Kennett- [email protected]
7th Grade Girls- Matt Cooper- mcooper

8th Grade Boys- Paul Muzzy- [email protected]
8th Grade Girls- Tatiana Dowling- [email protected] 


Track Practice

Athletes are required to bring their own water bottle. We will not be sharing water bottles or using fountains of any kind. You will need a t-shirt, shorts and a good pair of running shoes. The school will issue track sweats and uniforms.

Here is the access code to join the SMS Track Schoology group:


We will be using this mode of communication for posting updates, meet rosters, cancellations, and any other pertinent information you might need!

Don't forget to sign up for the REMIND App. also!


Please make sure you have your school physical dated after May 1, 2024 on file in the school office along with all the other required paperwork.

(Assumption of Risk, Permit to treat form, & concussion form)

INFO:We will take a bus TO all AWAY meets. Students are welcome to leave with their parents when their events are done, if they want. We DO have return busses on away meets for those who want to ride the bus home. Parents will need to sign out with a coach on Away meets if they take their child home from the meet.. They may only leave with a parent or guardian, unless we have pre- approved signed note from the parent/guardian and the school principal before the day of the meet. On Home meets they just need to let a coach know when they leave that they are leaving with an adult.

Please make arrangements to have your students picked up between 5:15 and 5:30pm. If they are picked up after that, our late pick-up policy will be used. Car pooling is a great method of transportation if you are in a bind.

Please click on the "Remind" link on the side margin and sign up for track text messages and info. for this season. These will include practice cancellations, reminders, and meet pick up times. Both students and parents/guardians can sign up. No phone numbers can be seen, it is just a "reminder text" with no replies accepted. This is a helpful form of communication for quick reminders.

***Meet sheets will be posted on Schoology primarily at least the day before a meet. Students are to look at the posted meet sheets to see if they are participating in the specific meets. It is the athletes responsibility to know if they are competing and what they are competing in!

***During cold weather, please have your child wear layers of clothing to keep warm. We provide each participant with sweat tops and bottoms. It is important that they wear them to PRACTICES AND MEETS!

***Participants may leave the track meet after their event(s) has/have been completed, as long as a parent/guardian is there to notify their coach that the student is leaving with a parent. A parent/guardian would need to send a pre-arranged signed note to school and get it signed by the principal before the day of the meet if other pick up arrangements need to be made.

Please send money or snacks along with your child to the track meets. Concessions are not available at every track meet. We do not stop on the way home to eat.