Seaman Elementary Band and Orchestra (SEBO)

Thank your for your interest in the Seaman 6th grade band and orchestra programs!  Here you will find answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions as well as links to the 2019-20 band & orchestra handbooks which will provide you with much more detailed information.  

  • 6th grade band & orchestra meet for class every day. The band practices at Seaman MS and the orchestra practices at Northern Hills elementary.  Class time is 7:45-8:20am.
  • Students that ride the bus to school may request a bus ride to band/orchestra via the secondary buses on the enrollment form (linked below).  Car riders may be dropped off at the front door to SMS/NH at 7:30am or after.  All students will receive a bus ride to their home school when rehearsals are finished each morning at approx. 8:30am.
  • Band & orchestra classes begin on Sept. 20 with a dry-run (no instruments).  Rehearsals with instruments begin on Sept. 23.

There will be an optional walk-in event at Seaman MS from 6-7:30pm on Thursday, August 22 for families that would like to get questions answered by the music staff.  Computers will be available for on-line enrollment and new string players can get sized for their instruments as well.  This is an optional event, feel free to email with questions if you cannot attend!

If you would like information about renting an instrument from the school district or if you have other questions please email:

Mr. Simpson (BAND) -,  Ms. Sterbenz (STRINGS) –

Click below for the 2019-20 Band and Orchestra Handbooks which include detailed program information as well as the schedule of performances and important dates for the 2019-20 school year (opens in new window):

6th Grade BAND Handbook
6th Grade ORCHESTRA Handbook

Enrollment for 2019-20 6th grade band and orchestra has closed - thank you!